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Datsun Bluebird 510 Tuned 1970 [EPM]

Datsun Bluebird 510 1970 для GTA 4. 

Особенности модели:
  • 3D двигатель и багажный отсек;
  • 3D-ходовая;
  • Высокодетализированные дверные пороги;
  • Специальные диски;
  • Специальный выхлоп;
  • Специальная текстура шин;
  • 3 вида окраски;
  • Доп. задний и передний спойлер;
  • Возможность добавлять свои схемы окраски и изменять оттенок на стеклах (кроме лобового стекла).
Заменяет: любой автомобиль

Ссылка на видео

Файл добавил:

Все материалы от Alex9581
Версия: Tuned
Размер: 6.68Mb
Просмотров: 5939
Скачиваний: 1155
Категория: Datsun
Добавлен: 2011-12-27, 12:25
Теги: 1970, Bluebird, monster875, 510, Datsun, Spidereon, Tuned
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Datsun Bluebird 510 Tuned 1970 [EPM]

1970 Datsun Bluebird 510 for GTA 4. 

970 Datsun Bluebird 510 Tuned
Stock conversion and released by: monster875
Tuned and released by: Spidereon
Credits in Readme File.

3D Engine and Baggage Compartment.
3D Undercarriage.
Highly detailed door sills.
Custom rims.
Custom exhaust.
Special tire texture.
Realistic handling line.
3 Liveries.
Extra rear and front spoiler.
Ability to add liveries and edit tint darkness on windows (except front windshield).
High quality model.
Extra detailed miscellaneous parts.
Full Dirt Mapping.
Template included.
....and much much more!
Replaces: any car


Link to video

File added:

All files uploaded by Alex9581
Version: Tuned
File size: 6.68Mb
Views: 5939
Downloads: 1155
Category: Datsun
Date: , 12:25
Tags: 1970, Bluebird, monster875, 510, Datsun, Spidereon, Tuned
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Всего комментариев: 28
Золотой комментарий:
28 KillMan   (2012-02-01 15:02)
да сначала мне тоже показалось что это шанок, потом посмотрел на его кузов и хаметил что на этом 2 двери)
27 LeshKa(PAV)   (2011-12-28 15:48)
Отличная тачка, очень понравилась, спасибо автору :) ;)
25 WarrioR-7   (2011-12-28 12:07)
Хорошее авто,протестирую!
24 Chev_Сhelios   (2011-12-28 01:01)
интересное авто надо будит взять на тест)спасибо!
16 monster8752   (2011-12-28 00:01)
ok, fine, i'm done with this fight. just keep this, i'll add the exclusive time from now on, then u can upload this after that time (i bet i'll make it 10 days exclusive then).

never repeat this again, otherwise i will start a fight again.

we're good now?
19 Alex9581   (2011-12-28 00:18)
Okay, that's better. Thank you very much for your awesome work. I respect you all!
20 monster8752   (2011-12-28 00:25)
but if i see any of my future mods on this site b4 the exclusive period is gone, don't think i'll be happy
21 Alex9581   (2011-12-28 00:32)
Trust me. We'll not upload any of your mods before that period. yes
22 monster8752   (2011-12-28 00:33)
i hope i can trust u
23 Alex9581   (2011-12-28 00:38)
I give the word.100% Thanks for trusting me.
14 outsid3r4   (2011-12-27 23:54)
some bullshit u are saying now monster ;)
18 Alex9581   (2011-12-28 00:11)
Thank you guys for understanding me and showing respect to me and the site! Thank you very much! I'm sorry if something went wrong.
8 monster8752   (2011-12-27 22:57)
ok, i'm mad!

even tho Spy gave u the permission, u guys fucking needs MY permission too, i'm the converter of this car, Spy only tuned it.

remove this right NOW, u got no permission from me, so u have no permission to upload!!!! mad mad mad mad
10 Alex9581   (2011-12-27 23:25)
@monster875 Dude, calm down please and tell me what's your problem. Stop bullshiting. I've talked with your team, so there shouldn't be any problems. What's then?
11 monster8752   (2011-12-27 23:27)
my team? i have no team, i gave Spy permission to tune the car, but he can't give any permission to others to upload on other sites, u need MY permission.

u've never asked me, so u got no permission, so u simply stole this car too mad
12 Alex9581   (2011-12-27 23:50)
I repeat, I've discussed this already! So, our site doesn't need restrictions. Regarding your permission, well... I didn't know I should ask personally anyone of you. I thought, the permission from one of you will be sufficient. And.. let's finish with this shit! Respect us and we'll respect you! If so, do not, I repeat do not do any restrictions for us.
If your mod will be marked as "Exclusive", for example, for a month or 10 days, it will not be uploaded untill that time expires.
I respect all of you on the Kottons Chop Shop site, but don't write please "only on GTA 4-mods.com". By writing this, you're fighting against yourself, not against me or the site. And reading that is unpleasandly!
Let's be friends! Let's be humans.
13 monster8752   (2011-12-27 23:53)
u realized u need permission from the AUTHOR? i'm the author of this car, i converted it, Spy tuned it. i'm not in a team at all, so u can't ask the others for permission.

i MIGHT give u permission if u asked me, but u never ask me for permission, so i wont give u permission.

remove this now, otherwise it's stolen
17 Alex9581   (2011-12-28 00:04)
No, bro trust me! This shit isn't coming from our site. Well.. I admit.. I stole your Porsche and that's true. I'm saying this honestly. I beg, don't do restrictions for our site. Gtamania and personally I, will respect all your requests. Let's be friend and not enemies please!
15 monster8752   (2011-12-27 23:56)
btw, u're DISRESPECTING me now, u ain't damn respecting me by stealing
7 chir777   (2011-12-27 22:37)
класс! зачетное авто! alex9581, спасибо за бомбовские скрины!
6 сергей404   (2011-12-27 22:26)
прикольная машинка z_sps
4 Black_D   (2011-12-27 21:50)
Норм авто,дно и двиг супер. А вот оптика так себе.

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