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Сюжетный мод UI Toggle

Скачать бесплатно без регистрации Сюжетный мод UI Toggle: Прочие моды и файлы GTA 5 - Моддинг GTA 5
GTA V UI Toggle сюрреалистическая игра в миссиях. Работает с Windows 10 64 бит NVIDIA GPU.


1. Резервное копирование d3dcompiler_46.dll файл плюс интерфейс xml ваших оригиналов, потому что вам нужно будет их заменить.
2. Поместите эти файлы в папку установки Gta V, за исключением XML-интерфейса. Вам нужно будет открыть iv программу, чтобы поместить интерфейс xmL в двух местах.
3. V\common.rpf\data\ui\frontend.xml.

Обратите внимание, что дополнение к моду иногда не скрывает мини-карту в сюжетных миссиях, но загружает другие настройки.

Полная установка в английской инструкции.

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Все материалы от gtamaniaru
Размер: 2.49 Mb
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Категория: Прочие моды и файлы GTA 5
Добавлен: 2018-07-20, 11:48
Теги: Сюжетный мод UI Toggle
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Сюжетный мод UI Toggle

GTA V UI Toggle has a surreal game play in missions. This mod is intensely action packed immersion! It removes all hud by gamepad.

Works with Windows 10 64 bit Nvidia GPU, i'm not sure about others. Download includes Nvidia and DirectX drivers that were tested. Technique discovered by one3rd: http://www.deadendthrills.com/forum/discussion/409/using-3dmigoto-to-remove-hud-shaders-from-dx10-11-games/p1

What my mod toggles short description The blood bullet effect completely removed on toggle or not. All of the switch character hud elements, except the color tint. Fonts and help bars etc. I had to bundle the vehicle tachs and speedos with a group, but their still alive. So just use the toggles as explained in info.

Read these instructions to get the best effect. You can use my mod with or with out add on mod below.

1. Back up the d3dcompiler_46.dll file plus the frontend xml of your originals, cause you will need to replace it with the ones in zip.

2. Drop these files into your Gta v installation folder, except the frontend xml. You will need open iv program to put the frontend xmL in two locations "#3 + #4".

3. The Grand Theft Auto V\common.rpf\data\ui\frontend.xml.

4. The update\update.rpf\common\data\ui\frontend.xml Use the d pad Left "tap" to toggle hud, use the F keys to change character! I had to sacrifice using the d pad left for my mod. I find it better turning music level to 0 and using a third party music player "AIMP2". Using this toggle now will remove all hud in story mode or replay missions.

If your having trouble getting through a mission with these settings, then set add on cfg file to mission_hud=1....I suggest to set the in game settings to use iron sights in first person view in the mouse settings tab it will still work on controller. In the gamepad tab, set allowed movement while zoomed to off. In the dispay tab turn hud off and radar on. I highly recommend this mod "CGE's Dynamic Radar and HUD [ASI]", for complete control through out immersive game play funcionality of all hud toggability! Heres the Link for add on mod https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/cge-s-dynamic-radar-and-hud-asi

CHANGE LOG UPDATE Jan, 27, 17 9:30 am. Shader quality in game menus is required to be set for now on, to high. Plus new info below. Huds been removed for tennis, golf and triathalon! The way this mod is right now it removes the black burn out tire marks. I had to bundle them to the triathalon yellow rings. I had to remove a mini map mask, toggling it makes the traffic lights dim. No way around it having to bundle them with the tool i been using. If you would like to have tire marks then go to the d3dx file in this zip and remove these lines,


Remove this replace text file in the shader fixes to have tire burn marks 8ae39f6e47d3d9c0. I use the hud toggle with out the marks as its not even necessary to make tire marks all the time. I will make this mod better when i learn how to hunt out single individual hashs by using a different tool.

NOTE that the add on mod sometimes wont auto hide the mini map in the story missions, but it loads other settings okay. It auto hides in free roam okay. I fixed a mini map shader for a d pad down toggle to accomodate the add on mod. I removed a 3rd person on toggle display with cell phone. The coordination with interactions in functionality is a lot better. The add on mod auto hides things thats why i suggest it and like it. Its functions work well with my mod.


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All files uploaded by gtamaniaru
File size: 2.49 Mb
Views: 821
Downloads: 193
Category: Прочие моды и файлы GTA 5
Date: , 11:48
Tags: Сюжетный мод UI Toggle
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