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Stunt Speedway Park v1.0

Скачать бесплатно без регистрации Stunt Speedway Park v1.0: Ландшафт / Постройки для GTA 4 - Моддинг GTA 4
Футуристическая гоночная трасса, на основе одной из карт Trackmania. Модификация создавалась с нуля и была значительно доработана автором в различных редакторах.

  • - Трасса создана с нуля с помощью Cityscape 1.8;
  • - Редактирование в 3ds Max '12;
  • - Низкополигональная трава;
  • - 25 фонарей в objects.ini.
Огромное спасибо: 

3doomer & GoodNTS за прекрасные утилиты;
Мне, за такую трассу.

Заменяет: Северную площадь от шоссе в Бохане.

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Все материалы от Alex9581
Версия: 1.0
Размер: 82.71 Мб
Просмотров: 3568
Скачиваний: 653
Категория: Ландшафт / Постройки для GTA 4
Добавлен: 2013-08-26, 13:31
Теги: speedway, Stunt, StillDre, Park
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Stunt Speedway Park v1.0

Stunt Speedway Park

Hi, i've been working on new futuristic racetrack based on Trackmania. The base of the track is being made from scratch in cityscape and then being modified in 3ds max.
I'm using blended materials now ( to bad i can only use 2 textures with painting, but it looks better ) also found a use in neon lights aswell =)

I'm actually working on California Coast map right now but i've wanted to do something else and fun for moment, i'll be releasing beta of it somewhere end september after GTA V release.
I still believe that there will be enough of GTA IV players after V is released. There is no pc release revealed for any time soon.. So the ones who only play on pc with mods etc still can have fun!


+ Racetrack being made in Cityscape 1.8 from scratch
+ Edited/rebuilded in 3ds Max '12 with loops and all that
+ Low poly grass vegetation
+ 25 lights in objects.ini file, can be used with Simple Native Trainer 6.4 ingame!


Thanks to 3doomer & GoodNTS for great tools
Thanks to me for awesome track ^^

Replaces: Space up north at the highway in Bohan


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All files uploaded by Alex9581
Version: 1.0
File size: 82.71 Мб
Views: 3568
Downloads: 653
Category: Landscape
Date: , 13:31
Tags: speedway, Stunt, StillDre, Park
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