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Grotti Stinger GT v1.0

Скачать бесплатно без регистрации Grotti Stinger GT v1.0: Остальные - Автомобили для GTA 4
Grotti Stinger GT для GTA 4.
  • - Автор оригинальной 3D модели: Rockstar Games
  • - Автор конверта в GTA IV: Thundersmacker
  • - E-mail Автора: ryanbigdawg@gmail.com
Особенности модели:
  • - Модель поддерживает все основные функции игры; 
  • - Поддержка Paintjob (винилы);
  • - Оптимизированная модель и текстуры.
Заменяет: любой автомобиль

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Файл добавил:

Все материалы от Alex9581
Версия: 1.0
Размер: 753.5 Kb
Просмотров: 3529
Скачиваний: 400
Категория: Остальные
Добавлен: 2014-07-23, 00:14
Теги: GT, stinger, ThunderSmacker, Grotti
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Grotti Stinger GT v1.0

From a better banished time.

NO REQUESTS! If I see any comments that say "PLZ MAKE THIS GTA V CAR" I will ignore you!


Another convert with some touches to make this GT car more of an actual GT car.

It has new proper rims based off the Ferrari 250 GTO, they are made from the Virgo and Peyote rims.

I have added racing stripes, a racing number and stickers, and some extra racing gear.

All racing extras are extras so the car still will appear in its beautiful unmolested state like in the main image.

Includes proper LOD's and the file size is under 800KB with WFT and WTD combined.


Original model by Rockstar Games.

Ripped by Tonebee (a.k.a. twattyballs2011)

Converted to GTA IV and edited by Thundersmacker.

Other car parts and etc. from GTA IV cars by Rockstar Games.


You can replace any 2-door vehicle with the Stinger. Though it would be recommended to add it rather than replace another car.


If you play as a different character or ped that is taller than Niko, their head might clip through the roof a little while turning or crashing.
There isn't any way to fix this without lowering the driver so much that his/her feet start clipping through the bottom of the car.

This isn't really a bug but the car doesn't get scratches that much. It still can get bullet holes and blood marks though.


File added:

All files uploaded by Alex9581
Version: 1.0
File size: 753.5 Kb
Views: 3529
Downloads: 400
Category: Other
Date: , 00:14
Tags: GT, stinger, ThunderSmacker, Grotti
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